2016 Tri County Bass Championship Results: 

This was a 2 day event at Belmont and Duck Harbor.

1st     John Marhefka

          Russ Hauenstein

2nd    Ron Santarelli

          Bill Rebar

3rd     John Englert

          Joe Paranich

4th     Sam Clementes

          Randy Chapovich

5th     Bob Davidson

          Bruce Bondy

Day 1 Lunker:  John Marhefka and Russ Hauenstein

Day 2 Lunker: Sam Clementes and Randy Chapovich

​​​Our championship is in the books, we would like to thank everyone that came out and supported our club for another great year fishing.  And we would also like to thank our sponsors for their support.

If you have any question please email us at Tournaments@fishtricountybass.com

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Our tournament schedules for 2017 now has been posted, be sure to check it out.

Our Wednesday night tournaments have come to an end once again.  We would like to thank everyone that came out supported us, and or sponsors.

Lackawanna St. Park Championship Results:

1st     Russ Hauenstein

          Don Peters

2nd    Dave Santarelli

​          Dave Santarelli Jr.

3rd     Geoff Bartkowski

​          Bryan Bartkowski

4th     John Marhefka

          Steve Klassner

5th     Cal Urso

​          Ryan Urso